Feb 062012

Ryerson can be a frustrating, convoluted place. Not today. The bureaucratic roadblocks separating tools from students seem invisible among all the promising news. In the Rogers Communication Center, one of our studios has a brand new uPrint SE package. The printer is a small table-top Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system. This technique typically allows for less resolution than the legacy technology found in most higher-end polyjet printers, however it’s much simpler and involves fewer chemicals. The main differences are highlighted here.
An article listing all the fabrication machinery the school is using was published on-campus.
White Papers on the new hardware here.

The news of the 3D printer comes in tandem with recently acquired support from the Architectural Science Design Lab run by the extremely talented Professor Hui to help develop an improved nanocopter airframe. I visited today and got a couple pointers on layout. Red lines are cut, blue lines are etch. The *.dwg format is preferred. Zero line-width is mandatory. Blocks need to be created for each component.