The New Paragone

Event Information


Organizing Committee: Don Snyder, R. Bruce Elder, Angela Joosse (project manager), Erika Loic, Ajla Odobasic, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof 

Collection and distribution of Symposium Proceedings: Kassandra Prus and Angela Joosse 

The dissemination of the symposium proceedings was made possible through the support of the FCAD SRC Committee, and the School of Image Arts
The organizing committee wishes to thank all of the contributing authors for their excellent papers. 

Design and Layout of symposium poster, postcard, & program guide: Melodie Ng 

New Paragone web site: Alicia Russano, Fenwick McKelvey, and Angela Joosse 

Documentation: Dan Browne 

Sincere thanks to Bryn Chamberlain, Margaret Diotalevi, Daniel Garcia, Cathy Gullo, Larissa Issler, James McCrorie, Deanna Pizzitelli, Don Rysdale and Britney-Ashtan Walker at the School of Image Arts. 

And a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers: Manuela Büchting, Alison-Violet Mount, Leigh Nunan, Kassandra Prus, Rekha Ramachandran, and Kate Zimmerman.


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