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Lauren Stasyna is an emerging creative professional based in Toronto. Lauren’s art stems from discussions of gender performance, materialism, and self-identity. She works as a  museum professional, and has curated her program’s annual art and performance show, Showcase for the previous two years. She will graduate from Ryerson’s Creative Industries program this year with a specialization in film and curatorial practices.

Artist Statement

Show Makeup Show

Makeup is a compilation of pigmented dust. This dust stimulates the wearer’s confidence, curiosity, and sense of play. Often, wearer’s will say that certain arrangements make the wearer feel like oneself. A bold blue or bright blush. Could it be because the more we use this pigmented dust, the more our skin cells, oils, and dust transfer to the makeup in question? Gradually, we (re)make ourselves more and more a part of the process. Makeup is a cycle, demonstrated in this piece through the analogue performance of applying makeup.

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