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Matthew Sochaniwskyj is a photographer and filmmaker based in Toronto. His work consists of landscapes and still life. He has created work highlighting provinces across Canada in places like Glacier National Park, British Columbia, Inuvik, Northwest Territories and Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. Currently, he is creating a series featuring houses at night, aiming to capture the still, endless nights of his childhood in a small town. 

Artist Statement

Returning Home

The Returning Home Series showcases the passage of time through the eyes of a grandmother. When we were kids, visiting our grandparents brought us great joy and we always looked forward to the next time. For me, countless birthdays, Christmas holidays, and celebrations were held at my grandmother’s house, where the room was often full of people and mementos. But as time passes by, we have grown up and moved away from those who mean the most to us. 

When my brother and I, her only grandchildren, began high school and university, we started making fewer and fewer visits. And so, her life gradually went from maximal and grand to minimal, keeping only a few people and items close. This photo series, made in her home, shows the stark contrast between my childhood and adulthood, represented through the bustling images of the past as compared to the empty and quiet photos of the present day. The places within the series are highlighted due to their significance in my grandmother’s life. As time passes and our lives move forward, we don’t often have the chance to look back and reflect on all the amazing memories tied to particular places. This series aims to reconnect the ideas of the past and the present and acts as a reminder that it is never too late for us to return home

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