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Michelle Parlevliet is a third-year undergraduate student at Ryerson University in the Creative Industries Program. She is doing a specialization in printing, publishing, and visual culture, while also pursuing an English minor. She is originally from the small town of Ennismore, located outside of Peterborough, Ontario. Michelle‚Äôs work is typically illustrative, but she enjoys working with multimedia such as acrylics, textiles, charcoal, beads, and thread to create images and textures. She also enjoys creating digital art and visual computer programs using P5.js. 

Artist Statement


Dust is an annoyance. It is a matter that implies unkemptness and a lack of attention. This connotation of dust often overshadows its other defining factors which operate visually and tangibly. Profile is a collection that outlines these attributes in abstraction through useless household objects and long-forgotten project pieces. In other words, the installation is built from garbage, from things with little meaning to anyone. This intrinsic value (or lack there-of, perhaps) initiates a common ground with the subject matter of the pieces, as both dust and trash are rarely examined for value. Once it has become dust, it is no longer able to contribute to the purpose it once served; tiny pieces of things no longer doing their part. But what if we gave it something else to do?

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