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Jonathan Matta is a photographer and director studying at Ryerson University. His work focuses on portraiture and fashion Jonathan’s photography has been featured in local publications like Ryerson’s own StyleCircle, as well as more global ones like The Fader and Coup de Main. He’s also had the privilege of having a music video he produced and assistant-directed premiere in Wonderland Magazine. Jonathan plans to continue his photography and videography work hoping to move to the U.S. eventually.

Artist Statement

Rotting Snow

Rotting Snow illustrates how impermanent landscapes are during the winter. They slowly begin rotting away as the days approach warmer weather. In a similar approach to Campany’s understanding of dust, snow accumulates until something comes to inevitably wash it away. 

I shot all of the photos at night using a coloured flash to create a surreal element. This surrealism reinforces the ephemerality of the winter landscapes. The coloured flash lets me capture a landscape’s form that will never be replicated again.

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