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Samuel Letnik is originally from Hamilton, Ontario. He is an active designer with an interest in high concept photo and multimedia work. Sam emerged onto the scene by capturing various GTA musicians, skateboarders, and people working with 35mm film cameras. His interest in tactility combined with his strong background in the fashion industry makes for a curiously fresh aesthetic approach to texture and light. Letnik is currently studying Creative Industries at Ryerson University in Toronto, where his focuses are fashion and visual culture.

Artist Statement

Work Clothes

Inspired by different works included in David Campany’s a Handful of Dust exhibition, I wanted to create something that explores clothing and everyday textiles—looking at the way in which they deteriorate in relation to how they are used by the wearer. With both my parents being professional trades-people, I was naturally drawn to explore the wear and tear of clothing in relation to their jobs, and to show the environments, tasks, and movements that help to create the stories that are etched into these textiles. 

Specifically, Work Clothes is a series of photographs that aim to examine the stories of my father’s work clothes. Entertaining themes of dust representing death and the passing of time, this series responds to that notion, while also bringing to light the juxtaposition of the deterioration in clothing representing use and movement, and in turn, representing life. This is achieved through the placement of the original colour photographic prints in different locations of my dad’s work clothes and work environment, e.g., work boot, toolbox, back pocket, construction site, and so on. The final series of photographs show signs of actual wear and tear and the texture of materials used on the job, right on the physical prints themselves.

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