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Yvonne Le is a second-year Creative Industries student interested in showing the experience of daily life under an odd light. Born and raised in Ottawa, she grew up in the city’s Chinatown; memories of the culture there serve as a creative framework. Her inspiration for photography is drawn from the theme of absurdity alongside the notion of lingering nostalgia. She uses still life as a key part of her recent work.

Artist Statement

Resist The Wrecking Ball 

Resist the Wrecking Ball analyzes the phenomenon of gentrification through examining the erosion of historical urban architecture. Kensington Market is one of the very few historical communities left in Toronto that have successfully resisted the wrecking ball of gentrification. This neighborhood has not yet been entirely commodified, and is both accessible and affordable. Yet, as a whole the neighborhood exudes its own distinct personality. 

Reflecting on Walker Evans’s approach in Color Accidents for Architectural Forum. I selected nine colour photographs to emphasize the colours, textures, and architectural features that one encounters in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Resist the Wrecking Ball explores the themes of dust discussed in David Campany’s exhibition a Handful of Dust, in that gentrification itself can be a parallel to the action of dusting (cleaning house, ridding of, wiping away, etc.). Resist The Wrecking Ball showcases how dust has the ability to highlight beauty and, make visible examine unique characteristics–all serving as an opportunity for reflection.

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