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Yvonne Le is a second-year Creative Industries student interested in showing the experience of daily life under an odd light. Born and raised in Ottawa, she grew up in the city’s Chinatown; memories of the culture there serve as a creative framework. Her inspiration for photography is drawn from the theme of absurdity alongside the notion of lingering nostalgia. She uses still life as a key part of her recent work.

Artist Statement

Between Fake Foliage

Along with a reflection on David Company’s exhibition, a Handful of Dust, this series was inspired by the elusive nature of dust and its presence through matter. Moving through space and hiding behind objects, dust invites viewers to see the freedom with which it settles. This is emphasized with pieces in each photograph being cut out and expanded, giving a three-dimensional demonstration of dust’s movements. At first glance, most of the plants may seem real, however, they really are not. They do not hold any properties of real plants, which require the necessary care of water and sunlight. With no one to tend to them, they are forgotten, which allows more dust to gather. Even with the one real plant within the series, dust becomes its only caretaker. With each leaf and stem, the plants will remain intact through the connection of every small plastic grain. In the end, only dust will remain in their vacant spaces filled with fake dirt.

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