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Andrew Donnelly is a Canadian photographer based in Toronto, currently enrolled in the School of Image Arts BFA program in photography at Ryerson University. He primarily works in conceptual self-portraiture, however, he often explores the notion of snapshot photography. Through his self-portraiture, he explores such themes as gender, sexuality, and morality. His work celebrates formal aspects of photography, utilizing architecture, the play of light and shadow, and fleeting everyday moments.

Artist Statement

Playing with my Bedside Lamp

A large theme within David Campany’s A Handful of Dust is finding meaning within the banal. Looking at dust as a substance with the potential for a deeper narrative other than simply an accumulative, mundane substance, can allow for one to find excitement in other everyday items and occurrences. After spending a long time working within my bedroom during a stressful week, I felt not only exhausted but creatively starved. It was at this point that I noticed the lovely shadow cast from my lamp, resting on my bedside table. I decided to take a series of self-portraits playing with the light and shadows this lamp was creating. Playing with my Bedside Lamp is a stream of consciousness self-portrait series that came to me in a time of isolation. It is a celebration of creativity using everyday materials, and a call for the banal to be seen more often as something beautiful.

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