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Anne-Marie Cloutier is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based artist working primarily in analog photography. Having worked as a hairstylist for almost two decades, she continues to explore her visual environment through photography. Influenced by artists and photographers emerging in the mid-20th century, her present work focuses on intimate and environmental portraiture and the exploration of the inner self perceptible through the lens of a camera. She is currently attending The School of Image Arts at Ryerson University.

Artist Statement

Spirits on the wall

A Siskind photograph hangs on the wall as a testament to an acquired family. A set of keys serves as a testament to a lived-in friendship.

It is with a heart full that this series of photographs came about, inspired by the introspective abstract images of Aaron Siskind, as I traced through old steps and discovered new ones in my beloved New York City, while visiting my dear friend, palliatively sick with cancer.

One last visit. An eternal friendship.

Photography as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions. 

Focusing on the details of our surroundings as a means to process grief.  

Focusing on details as a way to remember. 

Focusing on details to get as close as possible to the real thing.

The palpable details rendered through the flat surface of an image.

The cracks and frayed layers as a reminder of time past.

The layers of paint unsuccessfully covering up old wounds as a reminder that time will heal and experiences and people who have touched us shape our existence.

The ephemeral shadow dancing on the wall on a sunny afternoon.

The carvings, scratches and graffiti comforting a sorrowed heart.

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