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Sophia Castiblanco is a Toronto-born visual artist who is inspired by the relationships between colour and human emotions. Through the use of various media, from pencil to acrylic to embroidery, her work explores ideas of how colour affects our feelings and why these feelings are worth trying to understand. Merging her love for visual arts with business, Sophia is currently attending the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University. 

Artist Statement


In response to: Rut Blees Luxemberg, In Deeper, 1999

This sculpture is a continued visual response to Rut Blees Luxemberg’s In Deeper, featured in David Campany’s exhibition a Handful of Dust at the Ryerson Image Centre. The title of Rut Blees Luxemberg’s photo was inspired by a quote from philosopher Roland Barthes, which states, “To get out, go deeper.” The photo captures a number of footsteps left behind in water and mud, as if someone stepped off the edge and into another world in search of something. Suspended continues exploring this notion of going in deeper by providing another perspective on this ambiguous, otherworldly space, and another opportunity to contemplate the things we search for and how far our search can take us. The viewer now sees droplets and shriveled lotus flower petals suspended below a cloud-like surface, composed of blues and whites and brilliant droplets stitched together. Unlike in my first response, entitled Encounter, showing a hand against a black field scattered with fresh lotus petals, the petals are now in a state of decay, as nothing is left untouched by the passage of time. Does this mean we are also no exception to the passage of time in this other world? Perhaps so. Nevertheless, these dying petals and the droplets surrounding them take up their own space, pulling the viewer in and feeding curiosity as they hang still in the air, as if time itself stops for a moment around them. Can we coexist? Can this be a shared space? The answers remain unclear; it is up to the viewer to reflect on these ideas and go deeper.

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