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Aimee Bernardo is a second year Creative Industries student at Ryerson University who experiments with a variety of media. Her inspiration comes from a love of psychology, and her work is often underpinned by philosophical concepts and personal experiences. While her medium of choice is writing and poetry, she is beginning her journey with experimental photography to express difficult concepts nonverbally. In so, doing she often deals with abstract macro photography.

Artist Statement


The mind never fully welcomes the unknown. When faced with the abstract, we strain to create meaning where there is often none to begin with. Making sense of chaos or the unfamiliar keeps us grounded. In this way, photographs are much more than just a specific view of the world. When we actively scope out the unknown, we create, rather than simply capturing things beyond our physical reach. This series was meant to be inconclusive, probing scenes the mind can conjure beyond the borders of an image. The aim was to experiment by lending some “relief” from the abstract by using captions that were grounded just enough to make sense, and yet implausible enough to seem far-fetched. Every image was taken within five meters of my bed, but attempting to name them took me inside the microscopic parts of the human brain at midnight; to a swamp full of crocodiles at dawn; to the middle of an inky sea at sunset. In times where we feel—and are—trapped, it’s comforting to know that creatures, worlds, or even time can exist only because we’ve perceived them. In these instances, to see is to create.

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