An online exhibition made in response to NPF 568: Analogue as Meaning



Jordan Benegbi is a Toronto-based photographer and filmmaker. Her goal is to draw from her experience with analog cameras and film stocks to create inspired looks through digital colour grading. Her photography work consists mostly of analog photography using 35 and 120mm film mediums. She aims to mix traditional street photography with urban architecture by highlighting their interactions. She loves juxtaposing subjects to compose humorous narratives. 



We all come from dust, and that is what we will one day return to. In my series I capture key stages in life. First, we’re first born with a curiosity to seek out the new. The smallest surprises can bring out the most intense excitement and joy. Once we reach a certain age, the unknown becomes more scarce. Often these exciting moments of discovery are fleeting for a child, but hold greater importance and a lasting impact on someone older. A boy sits on his father’s shoulders, enjoying the excitement of the Pride parade a few summers ago in Decay. A man goes for a walk in Bloom. I did not capture his face but he seemed to be enjoying a blissful moment of Spring weather peeking its way into the end of a cold, harsh winter. Both are connected in that they share a lifespan filled with similar opportunities and milestones. With every new milestone comes the death of a past unknown, while rediscoveries present moments of youthful exploration. These lifespans and milestones are reflected in Mourn, as beach-goers fly kites on a warm summer day; and in Rejoice, where headstones align on frosty winter ground. As the seasons change, our appreciation for the past and yearning for the future intensifies. We mourn our past milestones and find comfort in unexpected beauty as we await the creation of new ones.

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