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Julie Mai is a Toronto-based capacity builder and workshop facilitator. Raised by two former refugees, she is constantly seeking to develop a language to express herself. Her current research explores how to build intellectual kinship in collaborative spaces. Julie is an animator for a monthly Vietnamese discussion group focused on de-canonizing the specter of Vietnam. Her work has been published in Living Hyphen and Mimp Magazine.

Nadav Kander, The Polygon Nuclear Test Site I (After The Event), 2011, Chromogenic Print, 57 9/10 × 70 1/2 in., London, Flowers Gallery.

Essay Abstract

This paper concerns itself with ocularcentrism; that is, it raises questions about the relationship between vision and knowledge in Western discourse. I seek to explore the different ways in which we might relate our image culture to prioritize our judgements and values based on our field of vision. This essay will explore this topic by analyzing Nadav Kander’s series, Dust, Susan Sontag’s book, Regarding the Pain of Others, and Michael Mader’s book, dust. Beyond just critique, I am aiming to connect the discussion of humanizing war and violence in war photography to uncover the paradoxical argument between revealing and concealing the beauty of destruction.

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