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            For nearly 18 years now Ryerson University Film Festival has showcased thesis films of up and coming filmmakers from Ryerson's School of Image Arts. This annual student-run festival promotes the work of the talented fourth year students and gives them a chance to network and screen their work in a public and professional setting. Ruff importantly offers a chance for students, filmmakers, faculty and staff to celebrate their efforts and achievements while sharing it with their peers as well as the public.

            This year for the first time ever we are hosting the festival at Ryerson Theatre, which is also known to screen a wide range of films during the Toronto International Film Festival. It is this festival’s biggest undertaking yet but as our slogan, “Where it All Comes Together” suggests, our goal this year is to bring the festival home and to create a real sense of community and engagement around it. We look forward to seeing you on May 1st and 2nd for the premiere of our 23 short films.


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Featuring the best in student filmmaking.

Almost Strangers

After the sudden death of her mother, Clara is forced to re-examine her strained relationship with her own daughter, Sloane.
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Anna's Pet Project

A desperate young girl uses her pet T-Rex to gain power over her school-yard bullies.
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Big Apple

The bonds of family are tested when deception, desperation and the unpredictable world of outlawed liquor challenge the integrity of two brothers living in 1932 Manhattan, New York.
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A down-on-her-luck, middle-aged nurse spends one fateful night with her young patient when he decides to run away from the hospital.
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A middle-aged family man struggles to cope with post-military life while trying to connect with his recently out, gay stepson.
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Café Caveat

A young man fixated on the present meets his love from the future. Time passes, people change and private things are revealed.
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Cinéma Vérité

After three years of university, what does Chek Geronimo know?
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The Craft

A film about the tension between the person you love and your passion.
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Daddy follows a young woman who unravels when she's forced to deal with her unhealthy relationships with older men.
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Dreaming is a Private Thing

Sam, an android employed to create motion pictures, discovers what it means to be human through his filmmaking.
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Earth to Avery

Earth to Avery follows the story of a young girl who believes that she is from another planet, as well as her foster parents' decision of whether or not to adopt her.
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The Editor

A short science fiction film that reveals the dangers of emerging technologies and how easily these technologies can be abused by those who are in control of them.
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A strange customer's visit forces Aviva to rethink everything she holds true.
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After a one-night stand, Aja and her two friends deal with the reality of what happened last night.
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The story of a single moment shared between two past lovers when they unexpectedly reunite for the first time in years.
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In the Weeds

When her roommate doesn’t return home from a party, Sloane's frustration with her misogynistic workplace boils over.
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Irreparable Damage

A little girl encounters her first experience with bullying when she is verbally abused by two older boys on a school bus.
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Faced with an abusive home life and failing grades, nine year old Jia Qing receives a call from school and must find a way to divert the attention of her teacher.
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Mannish Boy

In 1970's Brooklyn, New York, 21 year-old Bobby Mayhill must adapt to the return of his older brother Tommy whose absence has left Bobby following in wrong footsteps.
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Meeting Paris

Gordon is a passionate chef who decides to move to Paris in attempt to change his mundane, ordinary life.
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Three kids growing up on a farm in rural Ontario decide to steal their father’s pickup truck.
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NrG Elite

After grounded with the cruel punishment of 100 days of chores, Sawyer must learn what it takes to succeed, what it means to support, and ultimately, what it means to grow up.
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Other Good Friday

After secretly going off his mood stabilizers, nerdy high schooler Sam, strives for a deeper connection with Alby, the girl he believes is the catalyst of his insanity.
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