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The Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF) is a student-run festival that showcases the thesis films of the graduating School of Image Arts film class in a professional setting. The 17th annual Ryerson University Film Festival will take place on May 13 and 14 at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. By hosting our film festival at The Bloor Hot Docs theatre for a second year in a row, RUFF partners again with the historic Toronto venue that fosters independent Canadian films.

RUFF importantly offers a chance for students, filmmakers, faculty and staff to celebrate their efforts and achievements while sharing it with their peers as well as the public. With this year’s RUFF tagline of “See It Here First”, we invite the Ryerson and Toronto communities to join in and experience our Ryerson thesis films before they hit the larger international film festival circuit.


Ticket sale starts on April 10th at The School of Image Arts or
Purchase your tickets at the door.

This Year's Film Schedule:

Tuesday, May 13

1) Call it Blue

2) Billy the Kid

3) Abacus, My Love

4) Dwell

5) Prophet

6) Flower Girl


7) Running Season

8) Positive

9) Wrong Turn Into Tomorrow

10) Kemosabe

11) Suite Spot

Wednesday, May 14

1) Dorsal

2) The Ray Gun: A Love Story

3) Pitkä Koirat: A Horse in the Folds

4) Good Dog, Barl

5) The Impassioned


6) Alouette

7) Nobody Cares

8) Astray

9) Gramps

10) Bull

11) Afternoon


Featuring the best in student filmmaking.

Abacus, My Love

Director: Rebeccah Love
Producer: Olivia Tran


Director: Eric Rowe
Producer: Hakyung Chang


Director: Michaela Kurimsky
Producer: Leanna Kruse


Director: Arabella Roberts and Emily Cheung
Producer: Arabella Roberts and Emily Cheung

Billy the Kid

Director: Joshua Amar
Producer: Janelle Carpenter


Director: Max Martin
Producer: Julia Hutchison

Call it Blue

Director: Julia Hendrickson
Producer: Alessia Lamonaca


Director: Aidan Shipley
Producer: Nicole Bond


Director: Zachary Ouellette
Producer: Zachary Ouellette and John Bean

Flower Girl

Director: Dominique van Olm
Producer: Dominique van Olm and Bezayit Menker

Good Dog Barl

Director: Thea Hollatz
Producer: Logan Scott


Director: Brad Alexander
Producer: Jacob Neayem

The Impassioned

Director: Stephen Hosier
Producer: Stephen Hosier, Deidter Stadnyk and Lucas Ford


Director: Charles Hutchings
Producer: Nicole Powell

Nobody Cares

Director: Nadia Pacey
Producer: Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan

Pitkä Koirat: A Horse in the Folds

Director: Kelso Steinhoff
Producer: Kristin Elsley


Director: Myrna Moretti
Producer: Emma Arkell and Myrna Moretti


Director: Keifer Wiseman
Producer: Jane Mundy

The Ray Gun: A Love Story

Director: Martin Bennett
Producer: Paige Henderson

Running Season

Director: Grayson Moore
Producer: Nigel Turgeon-Mannion

Suite Spot

Director: Alex Cananzi
Producer: Sierra Wong

Wrong Turn into Tomorrow

Director: Aleksey Matviyenko
Producer: George Macharashvili and Madison Weir

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EventCamp 2013

The Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF) showcases the thesis films of the School of Image Arts’ film students. RUFF celebrates emerging filmmakers, giving them an opportunity to network and screen their work in a public and professional setting. This year, RUFF will be presenting 20 short films.

The 16th annual festival will be held over two nights on Wednesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th. It will be taking place at the renowned and newly renovated, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

56 Pink Flamingos
Director: Matthew Bianchi,Producer: Andrea Varsany
Contact: a.varsany@gmail.com

When Catherine Sumner, a 55-year-old telemarketer, is forced to move into her sister’s basement, her coworker Noah offers to help out. After spending the day with her, he decides to surprise her with an extraordinary birthday gift.

A Place Like This
Director: Caleb Lane,Producer: Kevin Maheux
Contact: kevinmaheux15@gmail.com

In this darkly comedic fable, a middle-aged farmer suspects his eccentric wife of the wandering eye when a mysterious stranger purchases land across the road. His unfounded jealousy brings to life their ominous scarecrow, its presence an eerie reminder of forgotten dreams and a broken promise.

Director &Producer: Justin Elchakieh
Contact: justin.elchakieh@gmail.com

Connected by blood, but separated by culture, Barrier is a story about a boy’s last chance to establish a relationship with his dying grandfather.

Director: Andrew Rooke,Producer: Gareth Sturrup
Contact: andrew.rooke@ryerson.ca

How much would you endure for someone you love? Michael Linstrum must ask himself this question after a terrible accident leaves his wife in a paralyzed state. Can he continue to care for his wife, or will he be brought to the breaking point by someone who seems to no longer love him?

Director: Chris Barnard,Producer: Elizabeth Mudenyo
Contact: emudenyo@homtail.com

A single father searches for his runaway son while trying to uncover the reasons he left.

Director: Jasmin Mozaffari,Producer: Caitlin Grabham
Contact: cmg.classic@gmail.com

Lou and Chantal are gonna blow up. One day. Somehow. But girls don't get out of Coberge, Ontario by playing nice. All they've ever wanted, was to feel what it's like to be free.

Growing Up Cooter
Director: Joseph Amenta,Producers: Alexandre S. W. Brandt & Adrian Gonzalez
Contact: joseph.amenta@ryerson.ca

Following the death of a distant relative, the dysfunctional Cooter family embarks on a low-budget road trip. Confined to a station wagon and already bored, the Cooter's are forced to connect and collide. Growing Up Cooter is not a film about perfect memories, but about the imperfect moments in which those memories are created.

Lost in the Sky
Director: Matt Landry,Producer: Dylan Dube
Contact: matthew.landry@ryerson.ca

A 15-year-old introvert utilizes futuristic and controversial means to live out a promise his father made him as a child.

Lucas & Jack
Director: Travis Merriman,Producer: Jacob Kraemer & Justin Elchakieh
Contact: justin.elchakieh@gmail.com

After years of neglect, a desperate father struggles to reconnect with his resentful son.

Director: Daniel Sarkissian, Producer: Brendon Rebello
Contact: danielsarkissian@rogers.com

Eight year-old hard rocker Jake is convinced he should have grown up in the 1980s. He doesn't fit into his generation: big brother Steve is the only one he can share his passion with—that is, until, he meets his new substitute music teacher, Ms. Loraine.

The One That Stares Back
Director: Dillon McManamy,Producer: Kailee Clayton & Kristin Elsley
Contact: dillon.mcmanamy@ryerson.ca

After the death of his lover, Marcus chooses to wear a face that is not his own.

Nice is Cool
Director: Benjamin Petrie,Producer: Christopher Tung
Contact: benjamin.gilgan@gmail.com

I have an incredible mom. This is a story about the time she taught me once and for all that nice is cool.

Director &Producer: Patrick Cederberg & Walter Woodman
Contact: band@shykidsband.com

In a story told not with cameras but rather contained within the world of a teenager's computer screen, we explore the unspoken mannerisms of digital behaviour in a moment of crisis for someone raised in a world where every aspect of your social life is public fodder for the internet.

Radiant Hours
Director: Justine McCloskey,Producer: Jasmin Sky Bender
Contact: justine.mccloskey@gmail.com

Darling, a passionate and modern artist trapped in a male-dominant society, recounts the beginning of her passionate yet contentious marriage. As she reminisces, she attempts to purge herself of the patriarchal expectations and damaging effects of traditional domestic life.

Director: Jonathan Degousée,Producer: Jean-Philippe Belanger
Contact: jonathan.degousee@ryerson.ca

Set in modern urban Toronto, Rats follows a day in the life of two petty teenagers, Kev and Benz.

Director: Greg Francis,Producer: Kristy Neville
Contact: neville.kristy@gmail.com

Tar is a documentary short which weighs the benefits against the economic and ecological costs of Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project. Using cinematic photography, Tar reveals the beautiful natural landscapes of Western Canada that will be directly affected by this project.

To Look Away
Director: Jillian McKenzie,Producer: Matt Mitchell
Contact: mattamitchell@me.com

Oliver and Denise live in a world where their imaginations serve as the warmest form of comfort. Neighbours and best friends, they meet after nightfall in secret to delve into their favourite comic.

Vive Les Jours
Director: Fantavious Fritz,Producer: Marianna Angotti & Benjamin Petrie
Contact: gfoy14@gmail.com

Two boys apprehend a mansion and take it for the ride of a lifetime.

Director: Brandon Benoit,Producer: Andrew Scott
Contact: volitionmovie@gmail.com

A terrorist boards a train with the intent to commit an act of violence against the recently established totalitarian state. While on board, he experiences the world through a different perspective - a young boy named Jacob.

Where Did You Go?
Director: Sara May,Producer: Bryn Wiebe
Contact: brynwiebe@gmail.com

The coming-of-age story of Jane, an adventurous 9-year-old, dealing with her new, hardened reality as she finds herself caught in the middle of her parents' separation.


Ryerson Graduating Class 2013

Joseph Amenta

Growing Up Cooter, Director & Writer
Firecrackers, 1st Assistant Director

Anthony Amodeo

Devotion, 1st Assistant Director
Loraine, Sound Recordist

Marianna Angotti

Vive Les Jours,Producer
Tar, Director of Photography
Lost in the Sky , Production Manager
Barrier, 1st Assistant Camera

Marco Baldonado

RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Director & Writer
Volition, Co-Writer & Production Manager
Lucas & Jack, Dolly & Jib Operator
Ruff Spot "Portraits", Co-Writer & Director of Photography

Christopher Barnard

Driftwood, Director & Writer

Jean-Philippe Belanger

The One That Stares Back, Production Manager
56 Pink Flamingos, 1st Assistant Camera

Jasmin Sky Bender

Radiant Hours,Producer
Devotion, Production Designer

Brandon Benoit

Volition, Director & Co-Writer
The One That Stares Back, Sound Recordist & Designer
Lucas & Jack, Sound Recordist & Designer
Devotion, Sound Recordist & Designer
Barrier, Sound Designer
Vive Les Jours, Sound Recordist
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Sound Designer & Recordist

Matthew Bianchi

56 Pink Flamingos, Director
Nice is Cool, Co-Production Designer
Vive Les Jours, Co-Production Designer
The One That Stares Back, Props Master

Marlo Billet

Rats, Production Designer
Where Did You Go?, Production Designer
Radiant Hours, Co-Production Designer & Costumes
Volition, Wardrobe
Firecrackers, Stills Photographer
56 Pink Flamingos, Stills Photographer

Adam Bischoff

56 Pink Flamingos, Director of Photography & Colorist
Firecrackers, Director of Photography
The One That Stares Back, Director of Photography
Lucas & Jack, 1st Assistant Camera
Growing Up Cooter, Gaffer

Alexandre S. W. Brandt

Growing Up Cooter, Co-Producer
To Look Away, Production Manager
Devotion, Production Manager
Lucas & Jack, Editor
Volition, Producing Consultant
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre",Producer

Alexander Broughton

Loraine, Sound Designer; Assistant Director & Gaffer
RUFF Spot "Vintage", Grip & Casting

Patrick Cederberg

The One That Stares Back, Editor
Tar, Animator
Volition, Sound Recordist

Kailee Clayton

The One That Stares Back, Co-Producer & Production Designer
Lost in the Sky, Production Designer

Alexis Cuthbert

Noah, Production Designer
Volition, Production Designer
Devotion, Art Direction
56 Pink Flamingos, Art Assistant
Radiant Hours, Art Assistant
Lucas & Jack, Art Assistant

Jonathan Degousée

Rats, Director & Writer
Tar, Editor

Dylan Dube

Lost in the Sky,Producer
To Look Away, Gaffer
Lucas & Jack, Key Grip
Devotion, Key Grip
Tar, Colorist

Justin Elchakieh

Barrier, Director;Producer & Writer
Lucas & Jack, Co-Producer
Nice is Cool, Production Manager
Vive Les Jours, Production Manager

Stuart Fargher

56 Pink Flamingos, Sound Designer
Lost in the Sky , Sound Designer
The One That Stares Back, DMT

Youmeng Feng

Where Did You Go?, Grip
Growing Up Cooter, Grip
, Grip
To Look Away, Grip
, Gaffer
RUFF Spot "Portraits"
,Producer and Sound Recorder
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre",Producer
RUFF Spot “Vintage"
, Production Manager and Sound Recorder
RUFF Spot “The Resistance”, Production Manager and Sound Recorder

Jackson Fishauf

RUFF Spot "Portraits", Director; Writer & Editor
A Place Like This, 2nd Assistant Camera
Radiant Hours, Prop Designer
Devotion, Script Editor & Casting Assistant

Fantavious Fritz

Vive Les Jours, Director & Writer
Lost in the Sky, Director of Photography
Nice is Cool, Director of Photography

Gregory Francis

Tar, Director
Volition, Sound Designer
Where Did You Go?, Gaffer
To Look Away, 1st Assistant Camera
Nice is Cool, 1st Assistant Camera
Firecrackers, 1st Assistant Camera
Vive Les Jours, Sound Recordist

Justin Friesen

Aida Gabriel

Radiant Hours, Editor & Gaffer
The One That Stares Back, Production Manager; Craft & Gaffer
Rats, Coordinator
RUFF Spot "The Resistance",Producer; 1st Assistant Director & Editor
RUFF Spot "Vintage", Director;Producer & Art Director
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Script Supervisor

Steven Gircys

Volition, Camera Operator
Growing Up Cooter, Gaffer
To Look Away, Steadicam Operator
Volition, Colorist
Growing Up Cooter, Colorist
Where Did You Go?, Colorist

Adrian Gonzalez

Growing Up Cooter,Producer
Where Did You Go?, Production Manager
Driftwood, 1st Assistant Director
Nice is Cool, Script Supervisor
Vive Les Jours, Script Supervisor
Lucas & Jack, Assistant Editor

Caitlin Grabham

A Place Like This, 1st Assistant Director

Nick Haight

Lucas & Jack, Director of Photography
Volition, Director of Photography
Driftwood, Director of Photography
To Look Away, Director of Photography
Vive Les Jours, Gaffer
Devotion, Gaffer

Andrea Joynt

56 Pink Flamingos, Editor
Nice is Cool, Editor
Where Did You Go?, Editor
A Place Like This, 1st Assistant Camera
Radiant Hours, 1st Assistant Camera

Matthew Kinch

Noah, 1st Assistant Director
Vive Les Jours, Production Manager
Volition, 1st Assistant Director

Jason Kirchner

A Place Like This, Editor & DMT
Volition, Co-Editor & DMT
Where Did You Go?, Assistant Editor
Devotion, 1st Assistant Camera
Lucas & Jack, DMT

Jacob Kraemer

Lucas & Jack, Co-Producer
Rats, Production Manager

Matt Landry

Lost in the Sky, Director & Writer
A Place Like This, Director of Photography
Vive Les Jours, 1st Assistant Director
56 Pink Flamingos, 1st Assistant Director

Caleb Lane

A Place Like This, Director & Writer
To Look Away, Co-Writer
A Place Like This, Composer
Lost in the Sky, Composer
To Look Away, Composer

Max Lawlor

Rats, Editor
Noah, Editor
56 Pink Flamingos, Assistant Editor
Radiant Hours, Grip
RUFF Spot "Vintage", Editor

Caitlin Lusk

Radiant Hours, Director of Photography
Loraine, Director of Photography
Growing Up Cooter, 1st Assistant Camera
A Place Like This, Gaffer & Transportation

Kevin Maheux

A Place Like This,Producer
Firecrackers, Production Designer
The One That Stares Back, Art Director
Radiant Hours, Art Assistant

John Mamikon

Volition, VFX Supervisor
Lost in the Sky, VFX
Radiant Hours, VFX
RUFF Spot "The Resistance", Writer; Director;Producer Assistant & VFX 
RUFF Spot "Vintage", DMT & VFX
RUFF Spot "Portraits", VFX & Animation

Sara May

Where Did You Go?, Director & Writer
56 Pink Flamingos, Art Director
Nice is Cool, 1st Assistant Director

Justine McCloskey

Radiant Hours, Director; Writer & Co-Production Designer
To Look Away, Production Designer
A Place Like This, Production Designer

Jillian McKenzie

To Look Away, Director & Co-Writer
56 Pink Flamingos, Production Manager
Growing Up Cooter, Production Designer
A Place Like This, Casting Director

Dillon McManamy

The One That Stares Back, Director & Writer
Lost in the Sky, Editor
Barrier, Editor
56 Pink Flamingos, Gaffer
Firecrackers, 1st Assistant Camera

Travis Merriman

Lucas & Jack, Director & Writer
Devotion, Director of Photography
Barrier, Production Designer
To Look Away, Sound Recordist & Designer
Nice is Cool, Sound Recordist

Matt Mitchell

To Look Away,Producer
Driftwood, Production Manager
Barrier, Casting Director
Volition, Script Supervisor

Jasmin Mozaffari

Firecrackers, Director & Writer
Driftwood, 1st Assistant Director
Rats, Wardrobe & Art Assistant
Growing Up Cooter, Script Supervisor & Stills

Elizabeth Mudenyo

Growing Up Cooter, 1st Assistant Director
Firecrackers, Script Supervisor

Natasha Mufti

Lost in the Sky, Art Director
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Co-Production Designer & Makeup
Volition, Art Director & Makeup
Growing Up Cooter, Props Master
A Place Like This, Art Assistant & Makeup
Driftwood, Art Assistant & Makeup
Firecrackers, Makeup

Matthew Muszalski

Growing Up Cooter, Director of Photography
Rats, Director of Photography
Where Did You Go?, Director of Photography
Firecrackers, Gaffer
Volition, Gaffer
Nice is Cool, Gaffer

Kristy Neville

Lucas & Jack, 1st Assistant Director
To Look Away, Editor
Vive Les Jours, Post Production Supervisor
To Look Away, DMT

Benjamin Petrie

Nice is Cool, Director & Writer
Driftwood, Editor
Barrier, Production Manager
Lost in the Sky, 1st Assistant Director
Where Did You Go?, 1st Assistant Director

Brendon Rebello

Loraine, Co-Producer

Andrew Rooke

Devotion, Director & Writer
Lucas & Jack, Production Designer

Daniel Sarkissian

Loraine, Director; Co-Producer; Writer; Art Director & Co-Editor

Andrew Scott

Volition,Producer; Co-Writer; Co-Editor & Co-Visual Effects
Devotion, Editor & Visual Effects
Lost in the Sky, Visual Effects
The One that Stares Back, Sound Recordist
Firecrackers, Visual Effects
Lucas & Jack, Visual Effects
RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Editor & Visual Effects

Christina Siamalekas

Firecrackers, Editor
Growing Up Cooter, Editor
Radiant Hours, Production Manager
To Look Away, Script Supervisor
56 Pink Flamingos, DMT
A Place Like This, Colorist

Gareth Sturrup

Devotion,Producer & DMT
To Look Away, Assistant Sound Designer
Driftwood, DMT

Emily Switzer

Driftwood, Production Designer
56 Pink Flamingos, Production Designer
To Look Away, Art Direction
Lucas & Jack, Art Assistant

Christopher Tung

Nice is Cool,Producer
Radiant Hours, 1st Assistant Director
Devotion, 2nd Assistant Director
Lost in the Sky, Art Assistant
RUFF Spot "Portraits", Casting Director

Andrea Varsany

56 Pink Flamingos,Producer & Writer
A Place Like This, Art Director

Bryn Wiebe

Where Did You Go?,Producer
Nice is Cool, Co-Production Designer
Vive Les Jours, Co-Production Designer
Firecrackers, Wardrobe

Reena Walia

RUFF Spot "Children Film Centre", Co-Production Designer
RUFF Spot "The Resistance", Production Designer
Radiant Hours, Makeup

Walter Woodman

Noah, Director & Writer

Aaron Yeung

Noah, Sound Recordist & Designer
Firecrackers, Sound Recordist & Designer
Where Did You Go?, Sound Recordist & Designer
A Place Like This, Sound Recordist
Rats, Sound Recordist & Designer